Woodsy Escape ( rewrite of Bones)

(I guess I wasn’t done with this one.)M

I taste the air of times past
as she walks and I ride
toward the tar covered trail
lined of birch and pine.

A distant hum echoes
softly in the breeze
as I tell her a story
a memory of another time
with Willow on my back
and a leash in both hands
a big dog on each end.

We were headed towards
our woodsy escape
to find freedom for them
and renewal for me.

They say bones hum their songs
while trees whisper your secrets
rivers gather the stories
the rocks are sure to safe keep.

Tears swell as my wheel’s stop
along the man-made ground.
These are not the woods I know
I am not the same woman anymore.

Fuck that, balance or no balance
I need to feel the earth between my toes
it’s time she rides and I push

I stop at the first deer trail
and sit
Smiling, I tell her this is the only way
and begin to crawl to the open ground.

Let the renewal begin.

River Urke ‘16

care for a reading


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