Lessons of Silence Series

   Lessons of Silence I
 Dedicated to Pema Chodron

Is there a point one reaches
being alone, night after night
where isolation eats at itself
locking the door behind
the weeping sounds of lonely?

Is there a purpose to loneliness?
lessons hidden in the shadows
among a forlorness of self
lost arms reaching for light.

Is there a point where turning back
is not an option and moving forward
is not possible?
When all that is left is to Be…

Yes, let yourself be –alone
cradled in silence, dig below
the layers, and let yourself love.

Lessons of Silence II

A gentle wind
lifts the last leaves
in a free fall
golden dance
twirling down around me
as I sit alone
another Saturday night
silently longing

feeling the empty space
beside me
as tears begin to flow
I think of Pema
and the winter long ago
when I learned about loneliness

from a Buddhist’s perspective.
A concept of lonely beyond
my everyday world of western thought.
A notion that simply slipped away one day.

I recall her wise words
as I sit alone
contemplating need and want.
A slight smile spreads as
I remember why I’m alone
for I’m not your average gal
I need a man
stronger than your average joe.

Lessons of Silence III

One winters eve
in a little olive house
two women quietly sit
breathing in the same air.

One is on the couch
and the other in a chair
sharing silent space.

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