Lessons of Silence Series

Lessons of Silence I Dedicated to Pema Chodron Is there a point one reaches being alone, night after night where isolation eats at itself locking the door behind the weeping sounds of lonely? Is there a purpose to loneliness? lessons hidden in the shadows among a forlorness of self lost arms reaching for light. Is…

Woodsy Escape ( rewrite of Bones)

I taste the air of times past
as she walks and I ride
toward the tar covered trail
lined of birch and pine.

A distant hum echoes
softly in the breeze….

Modesty & Humor

The Open Fly In a bathroom cubicle 3 x 4 all fumbled in fury, I question the modesty of the open fly. As shadows dance along the walls, a cat listens from one side and a button sounds innocent enough, right. Especially, next to the integrity of the strangers eyes peering from beneath their brows,…

Lessons from an Online Poet In Transition

care for a reading I am taking a break or more like changing gears in my world of poetry. I am going to start saving my poetry for books instead of on here. I will add poems here and there but not regularly. I will add them more often to my soundcloud or page on…

Surviving the Halls of Life

I. Her eyes tell the story words can only say halfway, a decision she made swayed by pressures to be similar in body and mind. A life changing choice rooted beyond her age of thirteen, wrapped up in the skin she was born to wear. A truth of reality buried deep in the psyche of…