Surviving the Halls of Life


Her eyes tell the story
words can only say halfway,
a decision she made
swayed by pressures to be
similar in body and mind.

A life changing choice
rooted beyond her age
of thirteen,
wrapped up in the skin
she was born to wear.

A truth of reality buried
deep in the psyche of man
the bullies of history
now watch the oppressed
turn home and oppress
the different of their own.


They say children mimic
the worlds they create
from the adults they watch
explaining the groupings
found in schools.


a distant chatter wanes
in the empty hall
as the last footsteps fade

multitudes of mismatched
sized girls and boys
vanish behind closed doors

remnants of teen life
circle the hall
thick with the pressure
to be beyond thirteen

girls grown in body
still babies in mind
bat eyes
at boys half their size


Cruising the halls
in groups
along a lateral line.
to the drama of song

dividing by terms
of unwritten law
exaggerating the reality
outside the front door

the popular enforce
societal pressures to be
others to follow their rule

Except the geeks known
through time and those
that rebel as I
against the norm,
the expectations to conform
they now call them drugies

still many are found
outside the circles
fending for themselves.


A part of life that hurts
no matter how old you are
it sucks to be outside
the group you believe is yours
or lost to where you belong.

We all want our niche that fits
a way to survive
the halls of junior high,
a way to explain
our behaviors from days gone by

as they step through life
decisions then mean nothing now.

©River Urke 2013


5 thoughts on “Surviving the Halls of Life

  1. Oh, River…this is so rife with truth and pain….most of us..perhaps all of us…can relate and relate hard to this poem.

    One stanza got me in the gut…and it is the leitmotif of life…at least for me:

    A part of life that hurts
    no matter how old you are
    it sucks to be outside
    the group you believe is yours
    or lost to where you belong.

    Ain’t that the truth.

    Beyond that…the stanzas are full of the sadness and missteps of childhood….and the pain and depression that the majority of us faced…school…the learning ground for the terror of future life.

    This is a deep and layered poem, River…and I have missed your verse mightily.


    Lady Nyo (Jane)

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