A Testament of Time

As dusk descends into the valley beams escape the sullen sky reaching to touch the Rez of marsh and pine with golden rays that shine on this land that knows the devastation of policy. The orders were to clear cut and pressure the people to farm a land not farmable leaving an empty shell of…

The Land of My Blood

Along the border I inch closer to the land she once called home, breathing in the northern smell of pine and deep waters. I turn westward, leaving the crashing waves behind for the last leg of a journey that began a century before when an Indian woman died far from home never completing her circle….

Ancient Stones- A Villanelle (rewrite)

                Ancient Stones Stones whisper the truths of history buried deep below our pit of fear ancient tongues tell stories of mystery carried by water they travel swiftly tumbling between realms and here stones whisper the truths of history only a few hear without prudery bestowed a gift with…

Rays of warmth touch waters of northern wood the brown ground thaws.

I’ll Be, You Be

I’ll be the white capped wave whispering to you in dream. You be the Wolf I ride along the horizon of midnight. I’ll be your princess You be my knight. As long as you love me I‘ll be your angel in disguise. © River 3/2013 care for a reading