Another Moment

Beneath the numbness a tingling comes and goes announcing life and death pain and loss in a world blinded by difference and run by fear the everyday is flavored a mundane mix of denial another moment gone another kiss missed 1000 steps behind my yesterday’s lover tempted by temptations wrung through blades of glass today…

A Gift of Sleep

Sleep washes over her in waves of wondrous rest and gentle wakes soothing the night as droplets fall in dreamscape haze she rises beyond the bed in a warmth of innocence her every sense reaching a plateau of platonic pleasure stirring the giggles within calling her back to bed. ©River Urke  

Stuck in the Middle

Through halls of unwritten law, I walk with uneven steps behind footprints of change listening to her dramas of song with no manual or directions to guide. I walk a slippery line trying to keep up guessing on the moment to give love and when to lay down the law. I see the girl no…

I’ll Be, You Be

I’ll be the white capped wave whispering to you in dream. You be the Wolf I ride along the horizon of midnight. I’ll be your princess You be my knight. As long as you love me I‘ll be your angel in disguise. © River 3/2013 care for a reading

Surviving the Halls of Life

I. Her eyes tell the story words can only say halfway, a decision she made swayed by pressures to be similar in body and mind. A life changing choice rooted beyond her age of thirteen, wrapped up in the skin she was born to wear. A truth of reality buried deep in the psyche of…