A Gift of Sleep

Sleep washes over her in waves of wondrous rest and gentle wakes soothing the night as droplets fall in dreamscape haze she rises beyond the bed in a warmth of innocence her every sense reaching a plateau of platonic pleasure stirring the giggles within calling her back to bed. ©River Urke  

Upon the rocks of Chester Creek

I am made of a man I know nothing about a man I barely recall from when I was three. no letters, no pictures nothing, but the memories of young hippies in their time of love, peace and civil fights. they remember his smarts, the curls upon his head and the laughter he brought. I…

Tuesday Afternoon Reading

Busy Bee….. You have always been a busy bee, I heard my Auntie say to me, years ago under the Olive Tree. She was a woman that never left the square she made back in ’63. A few acres is all she needed. I guess…. an eccentric woman, a writer that danced to her own…

-for #FWF Free Write :)

written for Friday Poetry Prompt #FWF Free Write free write- the words that roll off your mind without edit…..