4 Early Poems from my friend Chris Granias

Early Poems
Chris Granias

forest autumn
school bell farce,
blowing the auburn hair
into young summer’s hand
stretched for alms.
21 June 1971

The waltzing lady turned her head in my direction
and winked at the window—
it was snowing.
Cars and subway el trains clankered thru the years.
The lady stopped waltzing and fell asleep in the corner.
I tried to waken her,
And I try even now in summer,
Several nights I even feel as though
She is trying to wake me and I rush
Up in my anticipation and go in the corner
To put my head against her heart
To hear the waltz
And stare out the dusty window.
17 August 1971

So like a smile she grew
and flew the paper plane
on which was fixed
the mean and windy clock

Fat dreams like Christmas cakes
turn to crumbs in the corduroy pocket,
long after the baker hung
his white cap and pondered thumb.

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  1. Ardie Geldman says:

    A Norman

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