A midst the troubles of loss
and the hell’s of pain
I gained the art of crafting
a path for my stumbled steps

unlocking the woman I am
to face the disease
I’ve ignored.

I began by molding mistakes into steps
and lessons learned into stones
building blocks
I laid outside my back door.

Forming a path to lead me down
through trees of watching eyes
to sparkling waters.

I call to the winds to help me find
my missing balance
my strength that ran
away with the spoons.

When out of the water steps
my inner warrior
ready to fight with me once more.

River Maria Urke 9/15

spoons- measure of energy associated with fatigue.
To listen to a reading

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  1. slpmartin says:

    River so wonderful to read your words again…have missed them…still don’t do FB because of breeches in security of site and ads…by the way need copies of our book please email me.

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