I remember my hands
touching the ground
for a sideways second
as my feet flew above
landing with my arms
raised to the sky.

I remember the wind
rushing through my hair
as I dashed between trees
bare feet on rich dirt.

I remember those times long past
before my body went mad
and forgot
what my mind will not
let die.

I remember my fight
against all odds,
the strength I once had
before pain broke me down.

I remember the woman
that promised never to give up
Where is she hiding today?

Come Out! I tell her,
it’s time to kick some ass
I want to do a cartwheel again.

River Urke
care for a reading


2 thoughts on “Cartwheels

  1. Seems like forever since I last read your work. I had a skip in the record myself. I turned the speed up to 78 and I fly right over the skip and I got an interview with Dave and Alvin.


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