North & South – the poem that put me on a marquee

In August, I entered a poetry contest through The Loft and the Hennepin Theater Trust in Minneapolis for the Made Here Community Art Event. I won and last Friday (sept 27) was the launch and reception. My poem was and continues to be until January displayed on the theaters huge marquee. I feel so honored and want to scream, “my poem is huge downtown Minneapolis/ Holy Shit!”


IMG_0524IMG_0516                                           IMG_0518

North and South

A road laid down upon
a trail of forgotten time
dividing a city
north and south
into towns and sides
by city blocks and river bends.

Along its southern side
the bustle of night begins
as theatres wake in the north
uptown springs alive.

Among the tar soaked earth
no signs are left
of the old trail
my people walked
north and south.

©River 8/13


6 thoughts on “North & South – the poem that put me on a marquee

  1. Grand times, River… Congrats to you, and the poem!
    Words to be elevated, raised up in voice upon the tongues of those whom enter, or the passer by, in all weather by day, or night, to be lit up in lights.

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