the passing from ‘when spirits touch’

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Charles Martin aka slpmartin and I have been writing Duel Poetry together for three years. Recently, we published our first duel poetry book, when spirits touch.

A collaboration of two artists in a unique collection of duel poetry and photography. Charles Martin and River Urke gathered together their talents with words and eyes of aesthetic flare in this distinctive book of art. Also available in audio. You can listen to River and Charles read poems and their special guests from when spirits touch.  CD will be available soon.

the passing is accompanied by a photo by me and a reading by Liliana Negoi


the passingthe passing

you need not worry
for one day
i will not wake you
disrupt your dreams
when i curl next to you
in the night
for I will be a whisper
upon your silver tongue
a memory of another time
as I slip out before dawn
never to return as flesh
like a last breath
but never
to return
I shall never
upon your shore again

reading by Liliana Negoi


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