My Shoe Story- from WOS

Today, I am hosting#FWF writing prompt over on Kellie Elmores website. I brought my shoe book along to help inspire. I thought I would keep going and add mine her.

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To Dance in Heels
I joke I found my feminine side at the age of thirty. I began learning how to put on make-up, and get all dolled up for an evening. In no time at all, I came to realize I loved shoes, especially the feeling of dancing in heels. Some people might have thought I drank some funky drink or motherhood had put a spell on me transforming the woman they knew suddenly overnight. A woman they last remembered as a shoeless, nonchalant dresser strolling up to them outside the coffee house wearing Nine West pumps, a pretty dress, and a splash of lipstick. I believe it was simply my time to bloom.

I had three years of enjoying the feeling of walking down the street wearing heels before my life dramatically changed physically. I reached a point with my disease and I became disabled from the progression of Multiple Sclerosis. My balance and leg strength had worsened and I had to start walking with a cane. Wearing heels occasionally turned into a pleasure of my past and a goal to be reached with patience and hard work. Once, I told my physical therapist that wearing heels is one of my personal goals. She looked at me shaking her head not agreeing with my choice at all. I keep that goal to myself now and I tell her my other goal of dancing.


6 thoughts on “My Shoe Story- from WOS

  1. Even if you didn’t have MS, you will have reached the age where common sense says heels are not a mark of beauty. But dancing, dance in your chair, dance on your cane, dance with your hands, dance with your head, dance with your eyes, dance with your words as you did in this story.

  2. I dance and dance away… with my arms and my hips…. just not my legs… some day
    The heels ya I would have real quick. lol If you ever make it to Minnesota we will have to go dancing. 🙂

  3. Dancing is a spiritual event to me. It is something that can be done in my imagination. When all is working well I can make my eyes dance and my spirit soar in a joyous pirouette. I have gotten good as a writer at creating special dances in tribute to being.

  4. You keep dancing, girl, any way you can manage it! Heels, schmeels, who needs ‘ em? I havent worn them since my first (and only) very low heel pumps when I was thirteen! Wave your cane wickedly with a big grin. That’s what I do!

  5. I love to dance … being a hair under 5′ … always have to wear heels for dancing! Relate to your MS … still trying to decide if that is what is causing my muscle issues … some say yes … others no … so I wait

  6. You dance with courage and spirit and beautiful words. I bet the heels and lipstick were an exquisite time – a time for delighting in not being serious. And you write poetry, which must be like composing from the tears and joy of life itself. I think you are a dancer in your heart.

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