A Sunday Afternoon Reading of 3


4 thoughts on “A Sunday Afternoon Reading of 3

  1. River, What an example of strength and courage. Those are my two initial thoughts. It is only after that I am struck by the beauty and flowing elegance your words give those darker forces that exist in all aspect of life.To pluck a gentle beauty from the emptiness of affliction is high art

  2. River… you’ve taken my breathe away. You’ve brought us there…. to a place some only whisper of and hide so everything seems fine. I struggled with chemical depression over a decade ago. During that time, I met three women who all suffered that same pain. They just didn’t want to talk about it. Part of the healing is sharing the pain and hope with others. Thanks for your courage. I know several who suffer with MS here in Wisconsin. Now… I know how to pray for all of you. May health over-take the days of your struggle.

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