Tuesday Afternoon Reading

Busy Bee…..

You have always been a busy bee,
I heard my Auntie say to me,
years ago under the Olive Tree.

She was a woman that never left
the square she made back in ’63.
A few acres
is all she needed.
I guess….

an eccentric woman, a writer
that danced to her own beat
chained home by her mind.

A woman much like me
except I sit trapped
by my legs
and stopped by pain……
I can relate to chains.

My Auntie lived life in a matchbox
tucked away in the plots she read
the worlds she created by pen
writings between floating walls
waves of unsettled thoughts.

Mystery after mystery she wrote
poem after poem I write

They say I’m a lot like my Auntie
Both–busy bees…. of the mind.

care for a reading

connected with Dverse


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon Reading

  1. What a beautiful piece River. It is filled with hope, pain and desire. I was taken by the light fantasiful wings you have grown instead of legs to carry you to places far into ethereal space and that you with the compassion of a poet, chose to take me with you.

  2. smiles…not a bad one to emulate eh? a busy mind is not a bad thing at all when it can spin poetry….you can still dance if no other place than your words river…smiles.

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