The March of the Odd

The March of the Odd
a corporate craze gone wrong…

At a time not so long ago,
the corporate God of greed
silently ruled the world
everyone was fooled
even the top few who knew

as they dangled us around
by some so called thread of need
playing games to deceive
tricking us to consume, to believe

it was our human right
to take as we pleased
at least that’s what they thought.

Until the day, someone
opened the box
and the truth was let out,
lifting the veil that concealed
the two sides of their crime.

A world split and removed
stripped flat and drained dry of life
except the envious turned green
begging below
the few, the greedy turned Odd
chained, all stretched to extreme

marching on spindly legs
high in the sky
trapped in the world they construed
envy run – corporate crazed-

the Odd March on!

-River Urke

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