Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

a drum beats
to rhythms of time
when wolves ran free
along the rising red sun
and an Eagle’s eye
scanned the four corners.

a time long ago,
of balance now lost.
we live
all man made replaced
on lands of cement
piled high with Styrofoam.

pretending it’s our right,
a human right
to invade beyond our space.

forcing wolves to hide
in small corners,
while Eagles soar valleys
dying as their shells crack
beneath the poisons, we brought.

the growing storm pounds
with life’s imbalance
blowing the door open,
crossing the waters that know
how the story goes.

©River Urke 5/12

care for a reading

painting by River



4 thoughts on “Eagle Eye

  1. Oh I love this poem so much…the wolves running along the sunrise……then the sadness of the lost balance, the eagles’ beaks cracking…….I love this poem, which speaks right to my heart, and my sadness for Mother Earth. What a wonderful painting – is it yours?

    1. Thank you Sherry. 🙂
      Yes, it’s my painting. I just finished it literally, still have paint on my fingers.

      The cracked is the Eagles babies shells from our pesticides. love ya

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