the Orchid Opens

Standing in the moonlight
is a creation
powerful enough to give life

clutching a legacy of rolling hills
against dark valley’s
browned plains along deep waters

basking in the moment
musing over time
is a woman

neither young nor old
bathed in wisdom
humbled by scars.

she runs with wolves
listening to the wind
pass messages
through ancient songs.

she kisses
the keeper of the drum
a bosom of a thousand suckles
Mother to all

the Orchid opens.


7 thoughts on “the Orchid Opens

  1. Really enjoyed the reading, really an excellent poem, that takes on a new level of effectiveness through the reading. Great job. Thanks

  2. wow, this is so mysterious, mystical even. has an aire of ancient spirituality to it – one that I strive for today. really like this, River.

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