The Unexpected

waves crash against the shore
tumbling the stones
the ancients
turning the time of the sea

lifting her skirt
she wades into the waters
catching glimpses

reflections of colored stone
a lone wolf howls
calling for his mate

she leans back
in the light of the moon
and returns his call.

© River Urke 3/12

5 thoughts on “The Unexpected

  1. so beautiful River. Thank you for your message and the encouragement. I too am working on gathering some of my poems and essays into a collection. Did you like working with Lulu? I have to tell you, I love that your daughter’s name is Willow, my younger daughter is Rosewillow! Thanks for sending me a link to your book:-)

    1. That is so cool her name is Rosewillow. 🙂

      I had a good time through LuLu. The best way to do it is formatting your own book and doing our own cover.

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