Le Amore Dele Noche- dual poetry

Reading version 1 then 2 and end with 3

Le Amore Dele Noche
Told by Two

1 Among the night a man sits in thought
along his journey of heart and soul
he searches to fill a void of emptiness

2 along the moonlit street she follows a dream
gliding to the rhythms of the night
a vision of the man she has waited to meet

as he turns, a shadow catches his eye
a radiant beauty moves towards him,
a woman dancing to her own beat
his spirit jumps and he knows she is the one

in truth and flesh, she smiles as his image
races through her mind, touching her soul
teasing her with thoughts of his kiss

he feels frozen in time, virtually hypnotized
locked in a gaze upon her sensual grace
suddenly he is standing before her

silently still, she feels eyes upon her as
the shadows move he appears beside her
his breath against her cheek
her eyes close mesmerized by his scent

3 he whispers in her ear notes of love
as his lips touch hers time stands still
finally uniting two searching souls
their dream weaves true completing the journey.

© River Urke & Tommy Blackwolf 2/2012

We entered the February Poetry Slam and won first place in video.  🙂



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