A Mothers Goodbye

While you sleep the little girl
you try so hard to hide
sneaks out and spreads her wings
across your delicate cheeks.

Opening your arms
in a stretch of a baby’s content
releasing the twelve year old
pressures wound up by day.

We leave you sleeping
dreaming of butterfly kisses
on sun-lit beach days.
Hand in hand, we take flight

into the shadows of the moon.
We play for hours under the sumac
building homes for friendly fairies
and drinking blossom tea.

Until bits of color dance along
the horizon, telling us its time
to say our goodbyes.
The little girl I know so well

wipes my tears and says,
I know it hurts but watch me
paint my next canvas.
We will find each other again.

© River Urke 1/12

care for a reading

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15 thoughts on “A Mothers Goodbye

  1. River…now I need a tissue! You know I am right there with you on this one…and I am so scared of the distance I feel growing everyday…you have done this feeling superb justice with this write…to the the point that I just might have to end here and go give Lauren a hug! You really should offer your images and writes in print, as broadsides or some such item…this would make a lovely gift to a daughter who just starting to test her wings…to remind her that no matter how far she may fly, we will always be waiting for her to return.

  2. I really felt this. A sad tale about a child- once carefree and innocent – somehow only echoing this in her sleep. Maybe this is a poem talking about a mothers love and worry for their daughter? Either way- it was very touching – honest. The ending made me feel vey sad indeed. Amazing how words can do this.

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