Walls of Steel

I tell the story of an almost lost love
the fatal lies of a woman’s attraction
and all the games of her deception
that nearly drove his true love away.

He fell in the mix of her toxic breath
trapped by his own blinds of stupidity
in an open pit of her wallets worth.

She played along with all control
pushing him up an empty street
and fooled his love to turn away
driving him mad without his sweet.

He fell down a dark vessel of pain
left lost to rot in the cums of regret
a life without is a life of shame.

Digging deep, he found faith once more
weakening the walls of her deception
as they crumbled to ash beneath
the flames of his love’s perception.

He fell into the arms of his sweetness
raising a divided wall of steel
against the rages of his past weakness.

They climbed from her lying waters
breathing softly, hands entwined
walking away together at last
never to forget what was behind.

© River Urke 12/2011


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