Tea with Fuller and a Few More

Wouldn’t it be something to be back
at a Transcendentalism meeting
with all those philosophical minds
questioning conventional thought,
resisting conformity from Unitarian
Doctrines, and Harvard Intellectuals,
writing and debating for Freedom.

They opened the doors for you and I
as people laughed and shunned
they continued with strength
and perseverance while, a few
applauded we will never how
many hid away with their writings.

I would love to tell them
they were revolutionary to thought
and inspirational to many.
That today they are studied and praised.

It would be something to go back
in time and have tea with
Thoreau, Whitman, Fuller
All the members of
the Transcendental Club.

It would be Unforgettable!
Even if I could only tell them
Thank You!

©River 6/2010

care for a reading  🙂

Recently, I revised this poem that I wrote a couple of years ago. Originally it was twice the size.
Oh by the way I redid the about me page and added a fun surprise. lol 🙂


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