A Product of Moving

Thunder rises from the depths
of half empty boxes,
as the whirlwinds of yesterdays
begin unfolding the storm.

Peeling back past layers
of thundering thoughts,
once packed tightly away
to fade amongst the walls.

A flash releases the feelings
pouring with floods of memory
as remnants of images fall
along the trails of forbidden thought.

The raging storm proceeds
filling the shadows with tears
allowing the trails to bend
with the flows of emotions.

A touch of a beautiful thought
reminds of the creation of space
permitting the boxes to empty
ceasing the storm of thought.

The moment is turned around
as memories are placed
back where they belong,
bringing forth the thoughts of now.

care for a reading


12 thoughts on “A Product of Moving

  1. River…this is fantastic! Your opening stanza is a poem all its own, and the write owns up to it right through to its finish. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could box up some of those less favorable memories…

  2. nice…def an evocative piece…having moved double digit times i still have boxes i find things in on occassion each bearing memories…some storms that they blow up…and some repackaged for sure…

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