A Canvas of Music

On the floor, I stand
soaking in the rhythm
absorbing the beats
feeling the music from within.

My hips are the first to move
to the rhythmic muse
pulsing through my body.

My legs are next
steps that match
the sway to my hips.

My back and shoulders respond
with a lift and a twist.
Following suit, my arms
stay in flow with the tempo.

My body a canvas of music
dancing across the floor

movements of unison
steps of beat
a slow shake of the hip
a shoulder curls
as an arm carves the
rhythms in the air.

My body a canvas of music
the music my muse
dancing across life’s stage.

I wake up
sadly realizing
it was all a dream.

                   9/10 (rewrite)

care for a reading

~I was a dancer and now I dream of dancing. I can still dance with my upper body with no problem but that is not the case for the lower half. I have a right leg and hip that are week and have some balance difficulties all from the progression of Multiple Sclerosis. One of my goals is to dance like I used to again. It can be done with patience, time, and hard work.  🙂

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