Across the Tracks

The train comes to a squealing halt
with trails of an engines roar
rattling the cracked stones
that line the stations floor.

Commuters pour from the door
in a frenzy headed east,
being busy leaves no time
for reflections of ones beast
as the morning rails depart
people follow the same maze.

A man walks amongst the crowd
following their cue
headed towards the street
not thinking of what he’ll do
until he glances across the tracks
and stops at a beautiful sight..

A woman he knows,
a woman he lost amongst
the fires of life and
world of self.
A woman he has to know.

Across he must go
following his heart,
forgetting his morning routine,
hoping she doesn’t say ‘go away..’

A whistle fades in the distance
as he smells her sweet scent,
she whispers his name.
Past lovers reunite.
© River 10/2011

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