Helpless and perfect
wiggling little toes
his eyes track the smell
of a young woman
looking down

attempting to cover
the fear crawling under
the surface of her fragile
state. Silently weeping,
she smiles at him

clinging to their now
savoring his smell.
Her lips brush a cheek,
his eyes close in content
sleep. She watches until

day fades as dusk creeps
into night, her tears stream
it is time to say goodbye.
She whispers words
for him to find in dreams.

Trembling she leaves
a part of her stays as the
rest breaks, a black hole
grows wrenching in pains
of mourning.
A sacrifice for him.

© River 5/11


12 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. Lovely, yet disturbing….now I so want to know what this is about. But you, being a poet and all, (seem to run into them everywhere) bear no responsibility to explain it.

    1. I will…when I was 19 years old I had a baby and he was adopted. Before his birth I found a wonderful couple to raise him. When he was born the adoption agency had him go to a foster home for the first week of his life. I went there every day to be with him. The poem is the last day.

  2. Well, this is the second one in a row I read that gave me chills. So poignantly sensitive. I can’t begin to image the courage that a sacrifice like that takes…that is true love. It’s good to see you here, River. Victoria

  3. felt…this mademe feel of a mom releasing her child to the world…the smell of the hair took me there as i love to smell my sons hair…there is a connection there…great poem…

  4. My goodness lady…glad I waited till work was afternoon is now toast and I will be left to ponder this heart~wrenching write. But…imagine, out of your sacrifice, the gift you were able to give. So many would have held on, for selfish reasons. This has got to be one of the most unselfish acts that we as parents could make. You’re a brave one

    1. Thank you Tash- It was the hardest thing I have ever done and I can not foresee anything ever being harder than walking away from him and trying to live afterwards. I do not regret it cause you are right he has grown to be an incredible young man. They were able to give him tools I could never have given him

  5. Oh River, this is so beautiful.

    I had a couple of images here, but you explanation brought me to tears.

    Brave, brave woman, and a wonderful poet.


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