at Dusk, it Begins….2


Stillness shields the parched earth from
the humid air as life fades against cracked
ground, hiding amongst the shadows.

When suddenly winds begin to blow and
a burst of light explodes in the dusk lit eve.

Rain dancers emerge from shadows,
as deep rumbles cross the land, gentle rains
commence with a dance.

Winds rise in strength, howling, as sprinkles
become drops and the parched earth drinks
under a canopy of striking light.

The pulsing sky illuminates the dancers
moving to the vibrating beats of thunder
echoing from beneath trembling ground.

The rains begin to slow and the winds sail
away. The horizon lights up in a burst of
electric white scattered across the sky.
A distant rumble fades.

All of life emerges from the shadows as
the cleansed air smells of fresh rains

Renewed, once more.

© River Maria Urke 8/2011



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