the Orchid opens

Standing in the moonlight
is a creation
powerful enough to give life

clutching a legacy of rolling hills
against dark valley’s
browned plains along deep waters

basking in the moment
musing over time
is a woman

neither young nor old
bathed in wisdom
humbled by scars

she listens to the wind
passing through her hair
dancing with the willows

she runs with wolves
releasing ancient songs
kissing the keeper of the drum

she lies as one with him
a bosom of a thousand suckles
Mother to all

the Orchid opens.

©2010 River Urke

care for a reading


17 thoughts on “the Orchid opens

    1. Thank you Sherry! I really like the line ‘a bosom of a thousand suckles’ when thinking of a mother to all. Plus it makes me giggle. This is one I have held on to and felt it was time to let it free.

  1. wow. she is quite the woman that orchid…runs with wolves and lets the wind flavor her hair…the blossom of 1000 suckle is a powerful image…

  2. Oh River! This is so beautiful.

    It captured me immediately and pulled me into the marvelous and vibrant imagery.

    This is where words becomes pictures.

    Lady Nyo

  3. River…this is, quite simply, beautiful. There is power…the power of the divine feminine as she embraces beast and bounty to let her light unfold…while kissing the keeper of the drums (my favorite line!)

  4. Aaahhh… beautiful!! It was like a melodious song, River.. a song whose tune will turn night into day, stone into a cloud…

    Cheers to womanhood! Cheers to the orchid that bloomed!

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