Storms on the Edge of a Mind

A gale of dark clouds condense
teasing the drought-ridden earth
sweat soaked in the ungodly heat
many fall, forgotten, and ignored.

Thick air of unbearable stench
rises from the filth and grime
of a man leaning over, gagging
lost in the mucks of thought
invisible under a bridge of reality.

A woman wakes with thoughts
trying to swallow her whole
in a self pity of judgment,
battling life with chance
as the last drops of faith fade
she rises and begins to run

along the edge of a drawn line.
She stops on a bridge as the sky
opens releasing in down pour
and looks over …

as a man turns in circles flinging
clothes off with every spin.
He stands naked, arms raised,
unaware she peers down
mesmerized by his freedom.

Is he insane? Is she?
or Is it this world of labels
pushing limitations wrapped
in falsities of order with
unreachable expectations?

She smiles at the world’s stupidity
as the rain stops he sees her
for the first time and smiles back.

Dark clouds begin to move
as light escapes fading walls,
shinning on cleansed minds.
She walks away with a skip
in her step while, he pulls out
a hidden bag with clean clothes.


care for a reading

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16 thoughts on “Storms on the Edge of a Mind

  1. is he insane, is she? this is a wonderful write and incredible imagery…and this is not as long as i suspected after our convo…very well done river!

  2. I like how this progresses upwards from the depths of despair to the dizzying image of the guy flinging off his duds, and then the upbeat ending. I’ll keep it in the back of my mind that getting naked might save a life sometime, and wait for the time and place to be a hero!

  3. Thank you everyone. πŸ™‚ It was a tough one to get just right with a difficult twisty subject. I did have fun writing it during the process of draft after draft. I believe my mom enjoyed the process too via the tele.

  4. River! This is wonderful…start to finish! Your imagery is magical, and I like the more light hearted turn toward the end. You have provided us all a complete journey, a story wrapped as a poem, ended with a smile. Loved it!

  5. I was listening to your voice.. very emotional. I felt like two strangers, two worlds colliding for a moment, and gave each one a smile, a welcome without any labels.

    Nice to meet you~

  6. love the story…you lead the reader right through to the end and the pausing and the notice of one life and another..whether insane or not…is really felt here…bkm

  7. A wonderful, hopeful poem, full of the Possibility. “lost in the mucks of thought invisible under the bridge of reality” is very powerful. Great new site, River! I so love the photo of you by the river, and the ones of you and Willow are so tender. What an awesome duo you two are.

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